Call for Pitches: Anthology on anti-capitalist & anti-authoritarian food projects & history

IMG_20170926_012042_939Food and cooking have always been an essential part of anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian movements, mutual aid, and organizing. This anthology, to be published by PM Press (likely in 2022), endeavors to collect some of these kitchen- and food-focused testimonies, memories, and histories. The anthology is rooted in an interview series I conducted between 2018 and 2019, and some of the pieces already slated for inclusion  (to offer a sense of the broad range I’m looking for) are on: mutual aid kitchens in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, cooking for anti-logging direct actions in the 1990s, fat food freedom, BIPOC-centered community farms and gardens, culinary histories of the West Virginia Mine Wars, Food Not Bombs, and cooking and housework in the New Communalist movement.

Pitches or completed pieces (of 800-2500 words) will be accepted for consideration until October 20, 2020. Previously published pieces are welcome. Newer writers, established writers, and organizers are all encouraged to pitch or submit; as are BIPOC and LGBTQ+ writers, and writers with disabilities. While I’m grateful for each and every pitch/submission, there are a limited number of spaces in the anthology, and pitches/submissions will be partially selected with regards to whether or not a similar piece is already included. Writers chosen to contribute will receive a $50 honorarium prior to the book’s publication, and any royalties that may be earned after publication will be redistributed to contributors.

Please send all pitches and submissions to me, Wren Awry, at, with “PITCH: <title>” in the subject line. Please allow at least 2.5 months for a reply.

In solidarity,



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