Editorial support on writing about mutual aid & resistance to capitalism/the state during COVID-19

Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 5.07.20 PMUPDATE: I’m currently at capacity, digging in to some really amazing projects remotely. I’ll update this if that changes.

Are you writing (or would like to write) about COVID-19 from the perspectives of mutual aid work and/or an anti-capitalist & anti-authoritarian framework? I’m a nonfiction writer, experienced editor and grant writer, and creative writing teacher (I’ve taught both kids and adults); and I’m happy to offer feedback on nonfiction pieces (articles, op-eds, fundraising letters, personal essays, press release, website copy, you-name-it) as well as advice/ideas on where to place pieces (no guarantees!). Because of capacity, I can take on three projects at a time.

Feel free to email me at seamsandstory@gmail.com if you’re interested! ❤

Image by N.O. Bonzo




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